Street cats in Singapore

Singapore has a severe problem with suffering street cats. An estimated 50’000 either feral (born wild) or strays (abandoned cats) are currently living on the streets.


One big problem contributing to the situation are the countless backyard breeders who are making money with so-called pedigree or mixed cats they breed without license, professional knowledge and without caring for the welfare of the cats. They then sell them, for example on Facebook or Gumtree, under “kittens with adoption fees” or "in exchange for cat food" because actual selling without a license is prohibited. The biggest impact to stop these sellers can be achieved by not supporting such cruel businesses and educating other people about it. 

Further, some people adopting or buying kittens (from breeders or shelters) fail to sterilize them, sometimes let them roam freely and they multiply on the streets or in their homes, contributing to the growing unwanted cat population. Once the kittens are too old or not cute, they may simply discard them on the street. 



Project LUNI steps in to help by carrying out TNR efforts (Trap, Neuter and Return) as one of the main pillars. 


Secondly we rescue, socialise, foster and rehome street kittens and abandoned cats. As we don't have a shelter and only a handful of fosterers, we can only focus on rehoming kittens and cats that can easily adapt into family life. We ensure that our fosterers can provide a loving family environment to each kitten and cat they care for in order to facilitate a transition from life on the streets to a home environment. 

Feral cats that have lived their whole life on the streets are often happier if they can stay in their known environment (after TNR) and get the loving care of their feeders. We also consider the human aspect as the often elderly feeders treat the street cats as their own and do get a lot of joy from this interaction - giving them a meaningful purpose late in life. 


We currently support a dozen feeders all over Singapore with monthly food donations to responsibly feed street cats. Additionally, we help them with TNR as well as medical care if needed.

Strays on Gili Island

Apart from supporting cats in Singapore, Project LUNI also helps cats in Indonesia. Our founder Nina is currently located on Gili Island were she regularly runs sterilization clinics and ensures, the strays are vaccinated to stem them the frequent outbreaks for Parvo virus.