Street cats in Singapore

Singapore has a severe problem with suffering street cats. An estimated 50’000 either feral (grown up on the streets) or abandoned cats are currently living on the streets.


Unfortunately, some people hoard cats and refuse to sterilise them. As you might know they multiply extremely quick. When the cats fall sick, they can’t afford the related costs or even if they just get too many kittens they throw them on the streets. 


Another problem are the countless backyard breeders who are making money with so-called pedigree cats they breed without license, professional knowledge and without caring for the welfare of the cats. They then sell them for example on Facebook under “kittens with adoption fees” or "in exchange for cat food" because actual selling without permission is prohibited. The biggest impact can be achieved by not supporting such cruel business and educating other people about it.



Project LUNI tries to help this situation by carrying out TNR efforts (Trap Neuter and Return) and by rehoming kittens found born on the street or abandoned. As we don't have a shelter and only a handful of fosterers, we focus on rehoming kittens and cats that easily adapt into family life. We ensure that our fosterers can provide a loving family environment to each kitten and cat they care for in order to facilitate a transition from life on the streets to a home environment. 
Feral cats that have lived their whole life on the streets are often happier if they can stay in their known environment (after TNR) and get the loving care of their feeders. We also consider the human aspect as the often elderly feeders treat the street cats like their own and do get a lot of joy from them - as often they could not keep their own pets, this gives them  meaningful purpuse late in life.