Project LUNI

Rehoming & Caring for Street Cats
in Singapore

Professional Cat Photoshoot



Love our kitten and cat photos? Then get a professional photoshoot for your own furry friend!
Kerstin from MarZel Photography will come to your home, take time to get to know your kitty (or dog, or rabbit) and capture unique moments of or with your pet!
Whether for a special occasion like Christmas or just to have a nice portrait, a great picture of your furry friend is irreplaceable!

1.5 hour photoshoot, incl. post processing and digital high res images: $299

20% from each photoshoot will go to LUNI!

We have bills up to SGD 30,000 per month and your donations will go a long way to help the cats & kittens in these areas:

  • Fostering, socialising and rehoming of kittens and abandoned cats
  • Daily responsible feeding of stray and community cats
  • Medical care for injured and sick street cats
  • Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Please consider a monthly recurring donation so we can continue our rescue efforts.

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