What you can do to help

There are several options depending on how much time and money you would like to spend.

Monetary Donations

At the moment Project LUNI has bills of approximately 10,000 SGD every month and most of it is paid through donations from generous donors. Therefore we are extremely thankful to even the smallest amount to be able to help to feed and rehome cats, treat them at clinics and sterilise them.


This can be done by:


Polypet has a great offer and gives you a DISCOUNT if you buy food for our streetcars directly through them. This is the easiest and most direct way to support our feeders!
Go to the LUNI Polypet page to order. 

Feed the STRAYS

Donate under this link to specifically help with monthly donations to feed our street cats:

Street Cat Feeding Programme

Help us feed Singapore's street cats!

We support 12 feeders who take care of around 400 street cats daily! For about $20 you can support one cat for a month. If you'd like to sponsor a kitty - or a few - for a month, 3 or even 6, sign up for our Monthly Feeding Programme at the PayPal link to the top right, buy food for the cats via Polypet or
Contact us for more information.


If you sign up for monthly donations you will get a free Project LUNI T-Shirt!



Monthly feeding programme

Fostering or Adoption

You can be one of our fosterers to take care of kittens we find on the streets for some time until they get adopted! We are happy to give you more details and support you in any way during the fostering and adoption process. Contact us for more information.


Please check our adoption section if you are interested in welcoming kittens or cats into your family.


There are many ways to support out team! Please  fill out the Volunteering Form  and contact us if you have questions about it.


Trapping with our help

If you see cats without the left ear tipped, they are not sterilised. If you inform us we can take over and fix them to provide a better future for the cats.


Project LUNI Merchandise

By buying our products, the money will go directly to help more kittens and cats!
Check out Luni's Shop to buy or send us an email: shop.project.luni@gmail.com


We have a selection of T-Shirts, which you can purchase to show your support for Project LUNI. 

T-Shirts are available in many sizes and fun colours:

Pictures below: Red, Dark Pink, Light Purple, Turquoise Blue, Ocean, Milo Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, Light Grey  -  simply make your purchase at the Luni's Shop today!