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Fostering, Socialising & Rehoming Kittens and Cats

Lots of people reach out to us when they find kittens or abandoned cats. If we have the capacity we check, vaccinate and deworm them at the vet and give them all the treatments and the love needed to grow into healthy happy little kitties before finding the perfect families for them. Adult cats are additionally getting sterilised and FIV/FeLV tested.

Our kittens should be adopted in pairs as they are much happier together – they can play, groom and cuddle each other, especially when the humans are not at home. 2 cats are actually LESS work than one! If you are interested in adopting one alone – check out our amazing adult cats we have up for adoption.

We have bills up to SGD 30,000 per month and your donations will go a long way to help the cats & kittens in these areas:

  • Fostering, socialising and rehoming of kittens and abandoned cats
  • Daily responsible feeding of stray and community cats
  • Medical care for injured and sick street cats
  • Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Please consider a monthly recurring donation so we can continue our rescue efforts.

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