Below you can find some answers to our most common questions

Thanks for visiting our website. We get a lot of questions on a daily basis - you may find the most common answers here!



Where is Project LUNI located and can I visit to play with the kittens?


Project LUNI is not a shelter nor do we have a separate space where we take care of our cats and kittens. All our volunteers are working from their homes. Therefore you cannot come by to play with the kittens. If you want to adopt a cat or kitten please contact us or our fosters directly for a meet up.


If you want to socialise cats or do some general volunteering we recommend you get in touch with the SPCA, Love Kuching or other shelters who are always looking for volunteers.


Does Project LUNI sell merchandise?


Yes, we do! We have a small online shop on the Help Us page on our website.


I would like to make a donation, how can I do this?

The best way to help Project LUNI is by making donations whether this is a food donation through PolyPet, buying our merchandise items or a simple money donation. We are super grateful for every single bit and you can be sure every cent goes straight and directly to the cats. We are all working fully on volunteer base and the money is only used for the cats! Please check our Help Us page on our website for more information on how to make donations. 


Can I volunteer or foster with Project LUNI?


At the moment we don't need any volunteers. If you are interested in fostering please send us a message.


Why can Project LUNI not take in every stray cat or kitten?


Project LUNI is a small organization with limited fosterers and resources. At times all of our fosterers are packed and this can be very overwhelming. We unfortunately cannot take in more cats that we can handle. We refer you to other organisations like SOKS, CWS or the SPCA.


This cat is looking for a new home. Can you please share the cats information on you page?


That depends on how many cats/kittens our own fosters have up for adoption. Our priority are the cats and kittens that are currently in the care of Project LUNI. We might have a hard time adoption out our own cats. Understand that sometimes we are unable to share your post and promote other cats and kittens for adoption. Please, contact us through Facebook messenger to check on that. We only share posts of kittens/cats which are vaccinated and dewormed and if older then 5-6 months sterilised. 


Street Cats


I have seen a cat in area x, can you please have a look or come and pick it up? Hurry up!


Unfortunately we cannot. All our volunteers work on Project LUNI in every spare minute they can find besides their jobs and taking care of their families. We do not have the manpower or resources to rush through the city and go search for a cat or kitten in a certain area. Besides the cat might have left already before we arrive. We are asking you to use your common sense and try to help this cat in need. You might bring it to the vet or an emergency clinic yourself if necessary.


Why do you not take in cats or kittens above a certain age?


There are multiple reasons why we usually do not take in kittens >8 weeks old. First, the handling of kittens (socialization) must be done in their socialisation period which ends with 10-12 weeks. If not handled in this period, they usually grow up feral and it will be nearly impossible to tame them so they can have a happy life in a home and also the adopters are having fun with the cat. There is also a risk of developing behavioral problems caused by the anxiety and fear. 


Second, it is very hard to adopt out older cats, even adolescent kittens that are still super playful. The Singaporean community mostly wants cute fluffy kittens. 


Third, we believe that cats that are accustomed to life on the street should not be confined in our homes and forced to be our pets. This can create stress and a range of behavioral problem. Which is not pleasant for either the cat or yourself. We try to care for them on the streets with our responsible feeders who feed daily and help with medical problems. You can do so as well and help cats on the streets.


I found a sick street cat, what should I do?


If you are able to handle the cat yourself please take it to the closest animal hospital or vet in your area for treatment.

If the cat is feral and you are unable to handle it, please contact us or directly a trapper (you can find them on the cws website (


I found an abandoned street cat, what should I do?


If it is a younger kitten or multiple kittens and we have space at our fosters we might be able to take them in. If we are fully packed you can contact other organisations like SOKS or CWS.


I found an unsterilized street cat, what should I do?


If you are able to handle the cat yourself please help us out and take it the cat to the clinic we work with. We can give you the details if you contact us through Facebook message or email.


If the cat is feral and you are unable to handle it, please contact us so we can hand you the direct contact number of our trapper. Our trapper needs to know the following:

  •  The address where you saw the cat(s)
  •  How many unsterilized cats you saw
  •  Are there also kittens under 4 months?
  •  Are you the regular feeder?
  •  Time of your daily feeding if applicable
  •  Your phone number, full name, address and NRIC


Let us know when you made the appointment with our trapper so we can contact our clinic to save a time slot for the sterilization. 


Who pays for the trapping, transportation and veterinary bills of a street cat?


We highly depend on donations of the community. We only have a few steady income streams but they are not nearly enough to help every cat. It would be super helpful if you, perhaps with local feeders or community members, could pitch in and help with the bills. We will appreciate that a lot!!


Adopting a Kitten or Cat


I want to adopt a cat what should I do?


That is great! Most of our fosterers take care of the adoption process independently. The pinned adoption post on our Facebook page has their direct contact numbers listed. If you are unable to find the contact number please send us a message on Facebook or an email and we will help you out.


Why do you promote adopting two kittens and not one?


Even though cats may seem super independent, they are very social animals. They love getting attention from humans but also a cat buddy or sibling is vital to the happiness of a cat. We promote the adoption of bonded litters in pairs. The kittens can play and learn together. Besides they keep each entertained which is a win for you! If you already have a cat we can help you find the perfect kitten as a a friend for your cat.


If we have an uneven number of kitten in a litter we prefer you to have another younger cat with which our kitten can play with.

Of course there are exceptions. Some cats prefer to be single household cats and want all the love of their humans for themselves.

Pet Cats


I cannot take care of my pet cat anymore. Please take in my cat.


Project LUNI focuses on the street cats of Singapore. We cannot take in your cat as this will take up space for street cats that need our help more. It is very sad if people adopt/buy cats and don't think of them as a family member and then if something changes in their life they want to get rid of them. 


Can you sterilize my pet cat for free?


No, we cannot sterilize your pet cat for free but you can contact us via email or FB messenger for cheap low income options.