We cannot emphasize the importance of CAT SAFETY enough. Sadly, every week, cats fall from height from unsecured balconies or windows. The “lucky ones” may survive, yet end up at the vets with broken bones and sometimes life long disabilities. Many of them, however, succumb to internal injuries. Preventing such accidents is so easily done and today so many option exist that are also aesthetically acceptable – from invisible grilles, to professional meshing to DIY solutions. There is something for every household and budget. 

Don’t think you can watch your cat that it won’t jump or that cats are smart enough not to jump – or that they “land on their feet without issues”. Cats can jump higher than you expect and may chase after a bird at such speed, that by the time you notice it’s too late. 

Project LUNI will check on your meshing/safety solutions for your windows, balcony, gates and landed property before adoption. We suggest to put everything in place BEFORE applying for kittens. 

Invisible Grilles

Invisible Grilles are acceptable by many properties and well established. They need to be no more than 2 inches wide. However, if they are the only protector and easily accessible, they may need to be even closer and require vertical enforcement so a cat cannot force itself through.


INVISYS Technology Pte. Ltd.


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Sky Grills
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Professional meshing

Popular in Singapore are City Zen Cats and The Cat People for meshing with professional cat netting. This can be installed on windows, balconies and even on poles to protect a landed property. 






City Zen Cats - Helene Papillon -

The Cat People –

Katrina Little Kats supply and install meshing

+65 8292 6388 ( experience with HDB grilles add ons)



Sturdy plastic mesh in various colours can be bought in hardware stores or even Fairprice. This  can easily be attached over typical HDB grilles or over home made frames.






Sturdy plastic mesh:


Horme Hardware


Magicseal – These nets can be locked



Cat nets: