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Love the Unwanted,
Neglected & Ill-Treated!

Medical Care for Street Cats

If there are cats found suffering from severe injuries or illness we bring them to the vet for treatment. Afterwards, we decide if it is possible to release the cats back to the streets or if we can foster and rehome them.

If they are very sick and there is no potential for recovery, we sometimes have to consider humane euthanasia to end the cat’s suffering. This is only done in consultation with one or several vets and never taken lightly – it is always a very difficult decision for anyone involved.

We have bills up to SGD 30,000 per month and your donations will go a long way to help the cats & kittens in these areas:

  • Fostering, socialising and rehoming of kittens and abandoned cats
  • Daily responsible feeding of stray and community cats
  • Medical care for injured and sick street cats
  • Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Please consider a monthly recurring donation so we can continue our rescue efforts.

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