About us

Project LUNI is a non-profit foundation registered in Singapore that focuses on rehoming and caring for street cats since 2016.
We focus on four pillars:

Meet the Team

Nina & Lukas

Nina & Lukas are the founders of Project LUNI. Both of them are huge animal lovers. If they are not saving the lives of street cats in Singapore they are off diving with sharks, their other big passion.


A picture says more than a thousand meows...ehh.. words 🙂 Kerstin makes sure you can see our kittens in their best light, providing us with expressive pictures of our little ones. Check out her work on Instagram.


Neha started as a dedicated fosterer, ran a fundraiser for us and joined our admin team in 2019. If you send us a message via Facebook, plan to adopt or are a fosterer, Neha will likely be on the other end to help you!


Fostering kittens is a the heart and soul of LUNI... but it's not always sunshine and rainbows and cuddles. Often it means taking care of sick and scared kittens or cats. With lots of love and knowledge our fosterers socialise kittens to find them forever homes.


Sadly, we cannot rescue all cats. Our 12+ dedicated feeders feed over 500 cats in Singapore, rain or shine, achy backs or not! They often put the street cats above their own health and comfort so those kitties have full tummies and get vet care when needed.


Project LUNI would not function without a team of dedicated volunteers that spend countless hours of their free time and dedicate it to our cats! They create social media content, run our online shop, check adoption enquiries, organise TNR and rescues, reply to messages, running LUNI errands, ... there are many ways to help our kitties!


Are you interested in helping us with admin, fundraising, replying to messages or other tasks as a volunteer? Then please contact us, meeeoow 🙂