What we do

Project LUNI is a non-profit organisation which focuses on rehoming and caring of street cats in Singapore since 2016. We focus on four pillars:

Fostering, Socialising & Rehoming Kittens

If there are kittens found we bring them home to foster, socialize and rehome them. We have them checked and vaccinated at the vet, deworm them and give them all the treatments and the love needed to grow into healthy happy little kitties before finding the perfect families for them. 

We always encourage adoption in pairs or to adopt single kittens into a single house hold as they are much happier together - they can play, groom and cuddle each other, especially when the humans are not at home. 2 cats are actually LESS work than  one!

Daily Feeding of strEET CATS

We have several feeders all around Singapore who feed sterilised cats in a responsible way with our healthy cat food.


Responsible feeding means feeding on paper plates and clean the area after feeding. If you don't do so it will attract cockroaches, ants and rats. It is highly likely that people start complaining about that and call pest control which can lead to the culling of the cats.


Many adult feral cats are not adoptable, they are used to a life outside and will suffer in a confined area. The adopters would be unhappy as well since the cats will not behave as they would hope for. These cats can live a happy life in their natural environment when they are sterilised, proper food is provided and health care is given if needed.

Medical Care for StREET CATS

If there are cats found suffering from severe injuries or illness we bring them to the vet for treatment. Afterwards, we decide if it is possible to release the cats back to the streets or if it is possible to foster and rehome them. 


If they are deadly sick and there is no hope for recovering, we sometimes have to consider humane euthanasia to end the cat's suffering. This is only done in consultation and advice from one or several vets and never taken lightly - it is always a very difficult decision for anyone involved.

TNR (trap-neuter-ReTURN)

We believe in Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) which stops the breeding cycle of cats and therefore improves their lives. It is a fact that the removal and killing of outdoor cats - which animal control has been pursuing for decades - is never ending and futile while TNR achieves better results and it is much less cruel.

After their sterilisation and recovery, cats are returned to the location where they were trapped, usually to the person who found them or their regular feeder. 

In some cases, we are even able to find homes for those cats.

Who we are

Nina & Lukas

Nina & Lukas are the founders of Project LUNI. Both of them are huge animal lovers. If they are not saving the lives of street cats in Singapore they are off diving with sharks, their other big passion.


Jess joined Project Luni as a fosterer - unfortunately, her resident cat Sassy prefers to get all her attention, so she now helps us by creating amazing social media stories and other admin tasks.


A picture says more than thousand meows...ehh.. words :) Kerstin makes sure you can see our kittens in their best light, providing us with expressive pictures of our little ones. Check out her work on Instagram.


We are currently looking for 2 volunteers: If you are interested in joining our admin team either for managing fundraising and events or our fostering and rescue efforts, please contact us!



Zul & Nurul

Nurul & Zul are our cat angels. They help with everything. Feeding 20 strays daily, TNR, fostering, keeping the premises clean and neat, rushing to the vet with the kitties, baking cookies for fundraisers and whatever is necessary to keep Project LUNI running!


Neha started as a dedicated fosterer, ran a fundraiser for us and joined our admin team in 2019. If you send us a message via Facebook, plan to adopt or are a fosterer, Neha will likely be on the other end to help you!

Our FEEDERS & Volunteers

LUNI supports about a dozen feeders and  would not function without a bunch of dedicated and volunteers helping with administrative tasks, answering messages on Facebook, helping to trap cats, fundraising or screening adopters. 

Our Fosterers

LUNI has a growing team of fosterers! Currently, we have more than 15 active fosterers with diverse backgrounds - expats and locals, some with the amazing ability to raise bottle babies, others willing to give adult or injured abandoned adult cats a chance!