Street cats in Singapore

Singapore has a severe problem with suffering street cats. An estimated 50’000 either feral (born wild) or strays (abandoned cats) are currently living on the streets.

What we do

Project LUNI is a registered non-profit organisation caring for street kittens and cats in Singapore since 2016. We focus on four pillars:

Fostering, Socialising & Rehoming Kittens

Daily Feeding of strays

Medical Care for Strays

TNR (trap-neuter-return)

Adopt a cat

Thinking about enlarging your family by adopting one of our adorable cats? Browse through this section to get some information on preparation, where to find a furry adoption post online, and how to contact us.

How you can Help

Feel like you want to support our case? There are several ways to put a smile back on a cats' face. Find out how.